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I want to tell you a little bit more about my time as a Comenius assistant in Paterna.

I’m back in Belgium for 2 months now, but I’m still missing Valencia a lot!! I had such a great time.

Being at ‘La Salle’ was a great experience for me. I worked there as a language assistant and I was a member of a European project. My task in this project was telling students more about the subjects in English. In this way they’d improved their English and got to know more about the project.

Being in this project was a very instructive and pleasant for me. The cooperation between the Comenius teachers in La Salle was very good. We worked together as a team and we can be very proud on what we realized during the meeting week in Paterna.

I also have very good experiences with the students. They were very nice and friendly and I really want to thank them for not making it too hard for me. The language level is a lot lower than in Belgium, but at least most of them tried to do their best and I’m sure that some of them improved their English during this school year.

Also the teachers were very friendly and they were always there for a helping hand.

I also noticed that the people in the city where very warm and friendly. I worked in Paterna, but my flat was in the centre of Valencia. It is an amazing city!!

I love the culture, the beach, the old city centre, the city of arts and sciences, the never ending parties, the delicious food, the friendly people and most of all FALLAS…

There is only one thing left to say: GRACIAS y hasta luego!!!


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